FolderPie for Symbian
Where have your mobile storage space gone?

FolderPie can help you collect each folder actual size on your storage space.
And present in Pie view for easy understanding at glance.

So you will always know where have your storage space gone. :)

FolderPie shows each folder's size in 2 different views. 
  • PieView will show top largest folders on current path order by their size. You may click on pie slice to drill down into that folder.
  • ListView will show all folders/files on current path from largest to smallest. You can also click on list item to drill down into that folder. You can also select sorting by name, type, time and size.

Normally, FolderPie will automatically detect changes in folders and will re-calculate folder size. But if you would like to request FolderPie to re-calculate all folders on current path. You may choose from Menu -> Settings -> Reset current folder cache.

Please note that Reset Cache action will take time depends on numbers of sub folders/files under current folder. By the way, resetting cache has been improved to run in background while you still can interact with app.  Refresh tool button will be rotating during resetting cache. 

FolderPie is totally free app. If you like our product, please kindly support us on our paid app.